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We know running a business can be complex, especially in a state like California. But you shouldn’t have to sacrifice doing what you love to handle human resources. If you’re a small or midsize business owner, you shouldn’t have to worry about navigating payroll, workers compensation, compliance or other boring regulations on your own.

We understand the frustration of “trying to figure it out,” and we’re here to make it easy for you. Hrizon HR is a full service Professional Employment Organization (PEO) that loves to solve the intricacies of employee management for businesses like yours.

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Learn about our full services and find the solutions that fit your business needs. Our expert-led HCM solutions will improve productivity, profitability and grow your business.

You need a local HCM partner who cares about your business.

Our team are experts in the HCM & PEO sector. With nearly 20 years of experience, our HCM solutions are led by experts in the field who will cater to your business needs and goals. We know that HCM feels like a burden for you and your staff – let our experts handle it

10 Ways a PEO Can Save You Time & Money

HCM compliance is complex. A PEO can simplify your life.

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