Jun 24, 2024

2024 Midyear Minimum Wages – California Health Care, Fast Food Restaurants and Municipalities

Effective April 01, 2024, and July 01, 2024

Affects specific employers based on industry or municipality




January 01, 2024, California’s State minimum wage increased to $16.00 per hour for all employer sizes. Additionally, new legislation was enacted in 2024 increasing the minimum wage for fast food and health care workers, however health care worker minimum wages have been delayed until October 2024 at the earliest. Finally, municipalities continue to implement their own minimum wage linked to the CPI, to better support the needs of employees in their geographical areas. Below are the 2024 minimum wages effective April 01, 2024, and July 01, 2024 including calendar year increases effective January 01, 2024. For further information and/or printable posters, click the respective hyperlink to be directed to further information. 



California State Minimum Wage:


01/01/2024 Rate



California State Fast Food Minimum Wage:


04/01/2024 Rate

Limited-service restaurant chains with at least 60 establishments nationwide (if a local minimum wage is greater the local minimum wage must be paid)


California State Municipality Minimum Wages:


07/01/2024 Rate

01/01/2024 Rate
















Daly City



East Palo Alto



El Cerrito






Foster City






Half Moon Bay



Hayward (25 or fewer employees)



Hayward (26 or more employees)



Long Beach (Concessionaire Workers)



Long Beach (Hotel Workers)



Los Altos



Los Angeles



Los Angeles (Hotels; 60 or more rooms)



Los Angeles County (Unincorporated)






Menlo Park






Mountain View



Novato (25 or fewer employees)



Novato (26-99 employees)



Novato (100 or more employees)






Oakland (hotels with health benefits)



Oakland (hotels without health benefits)



Palo Alto









Redwood City






San Carlos



San Diego



San Francisco



San José



San Mateo City



San Mateo County (Unincorporated)



Santa Clara



Santa Monica



Santa Monica (All Hotels)



Santa Monica (Businesses on hotel property)



Santa Rosa



Sonoma City (25 or fewer employees)



Sonoma City (26 or more employees)



South San Francisco






West Hollywood (non-hotel employees)


$19.08 (effective 07/01/2023)

West Hollywood (hotel employees)




Additional Minimum Wage Considerations:

It is important to understand the impact that minimum wage changes have on other minimum thresholds. For example, salary exempt employees must meet exemption requirements including earning no less than twice the minimum wage to remain exempt. With the State’s increase to $16.00 per hour, salary exempt employees must earn no less than $66,560 per year, effective 01/01/2024. Additionally, computer software employees need to earn a minimum hourly rate of $55.58 per hour, or an annual salary of $115,763.35, or $9,646.96 per month. Exempt licensed physicians and surgeons need to earn no less than $101.22 per hour and commissioned inside sales exempt employees under wage orders 4 and 5 need to earn no less than $24.00 per hour. Minimum wage also impacts minimum pay for rest and non-productive time for piece rate earners, split-shift premiums, and minimum hourly rate for employees that are required to provide their own tools.

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